A Cool Idea for the North Texas Food Bank!


Rolland takes great pride in their teams. The company gathered everybody to sell employees Ice Cream for $1 to contribute to the North Texas Food Bank. But the great idea came up from one of our Communications – Gateway Team member, Jan Choplin. She offered to match up the total of the money collected and invited more people that wanted to share this idea leading to the following people to match up:  Rick Rolland, Keith McCuen, Tim Holland, Kelly Simons, Fernando Rede, Brad Gates, Meredith Clinton, Jan Choplin and Joe Mignone but Joe Mignone offered a DOUBLE MATCH!!!.

Rolland’s employees donated a total of $210 by contributing $5, $10 and even $20 to buy just one Ice Cream. After the donation match, the grand total came to $2,100 that will contribute to help with the North Texas Food Bank.

Every dollar donated provides three meals to hungry North Texans, and out of every dollar, 93 cents goes directly to hunger relief programs. – See more at: http://web.ntfb.org/learn-more/about-the-north-texas-food-bank#sthash.gKlfHuxX.dpuf



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