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Rolland Safe & Lock Company is a global designer, distributor, manufacturer, and service provider of security solutions on a global scale.


Family-owned and client-focused, Rolland has been delivering security for over 110 years. In that time, we’ve grown and stayed innovative without sacrificing service. With our team as our greatest resource, we aren’t here to sell security products.

We’re here to provide security & peace of mind.


Our value proposition is to provide security service to all locations built on relationships, sense of urgency, client satisfaction, cost competitive solutions and 24/7-365 support.


Sandwiches and Keys

In 1905, a 12 year old elementary school drop-out and budding entrepreneur founded the first Rolland lock business. His name was Lucien W. Rolland. Lucien’s office was a table in the rear of a sandwich shop were he cut keys by hand as businessmen ate their lunch.

First Storefront

In 1918, Lucien and his brother Edward returned from WWI military service. They open their first store location, Rolland Lock and Gun. Servicing locks and weapons were the main focus. As their inaugural marketing effort, the brothers acquired a large dead cypress tree and carved a 34-foot outdoor sign in the shape of flint lock rifle.

“Rolland for keys…you’ll be pleased”

A new invention called the key machine was used to fashion duplicate keys for the new, more secure “pin tumble locks”. This was a departure from the early days when most locks were of the single skeleton key variety and security concerns were minimal. As an early adopter of the new technology and proud of its success rate, the company’s slogan became, “Rolland for keys…and you’ll be pleased”.

“Mini automobiles”

In a time when most vehicles were painted black, Rolland, the largest lock plant in the south, colored the unusually small Austin 7s a bright yellow and marketed this as the company trademark in the greater New Orleans area.

Rolland’s version of “Rosie the Riveter”

A new face to the Rolland Team: with most able-bodied men under 40 overseas fighting World War II, business of the safe and lock company was conducted by an all-female service staff, from the key cutters to the safe and lock servicewomen. Rolland continued to serve the public, but also contributed to the war effort by providing services to the maritime manufacturing industry located in New Orleans.

“Rolland sells Schwab by the Carload”

Post-war economic expansion gave Rolland an opportunity to provide security equipment to protect physical assets. Rolland Safe aligned with Schwab Safe Company of Lafayette, Indiana and Illinois Central Railroad to bring safes, vault doors and record protecting equipment into the region by rail car.

Second generation takes the helm

In 1963, the company founders and sole owners, Lucien and his wife Elizabeth Rolland, turn over the reins to the second generation of the Rolland Family, Calvin Rolland. Nine years earlier, Calvin had just earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Tulane University and began his career with American Cyanamid. Leaving the corporate world to take over the family business was clearly a leap of faith.

Rolland begins importing safes from the U.K.

In 1978, Rolland Safe Company began importing high security safes from the globally revered British safe manufacturer John Tann Ltd. The phrase “Damn John Tann!” was actually written on a safe by a burglar after his failed attempt to crack the safe. The phrase became the Rolland battle cry!

Growing to the next level ... and beyond

In 1983, Calvin’s son Richard (a.k.a. Rick), the third generation of the Rolland family, decided to expand the reach of the company. Thinking beyond Louisiana, Rick moved to Dallas to pursue the city’s exploding jewelry and diamond industries. The Dallas office began as a satellite office to New Orleans, but within a few short years the Dallas office developed into the primary Rolland business hub as Fortune 500 companies were added to the company’s customer base.

Dallas becomes corporate headquarters

The Rolland national network of qualified safe and lock service technicians began to service larger public companies as access control and door hardware became an integral part of the Rolland product and service offering.

Tradeshow safe rentals developed by Rolland

Rolland Safe, in partnership with Southern California Safe Company, launched the rare service of supplying large quantities of UL-rated high security safes for multi-day tradeshows sponsored by the fine jewelry, diamond, gem and high-end watch industries. Fine jewelry exhibitors are required by their insurance carriers to have certified high security safes for their high value inventory, which typically ranges between $250,000 and several million dollars … wholesale. Today, Rolland maintains a rental fleet of over 2,000 UL-rated high security safes in Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago and New York.

“Brindando Seguridad con Servicio Inspirado.”

In English, this means “Delivering security with inspired service!” The Pawn Safe System (a Rolland invention) has led the company to multi-national status. In the U.S., Mexico and Latin America, the pawn industry is a major financial service, and we designed a robbery and burglary solution specifically for protecting pawn loans. Rolland opened an office and warehouse in Mexico City to develop and serve our growing customer base in Mexico and Latin America.

Rolland Goes Through Growth Spurt

Rolland reaches a pivoting point in 2016 with exponential growth. After seeing an opportunity, a new location is opened south of corporate headquarters in Houston, TX. Mancini Safe Company in Boston, MA has a need for partnership and Rolland leadership finds it to be mutually beneficial to merge the two companies. With such an influx in business, we begin manufacturing our own safes with the purchase of the Centro de Innovación y Manufactura in Saltillo, Mexico.

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