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Kirsten, a dispensary owner, was plagued with some major dispensary security issues at her beautiful Oregon location. The cannabis industry is exceptionally vague when it comes to standards on how product must be secured and displayed, which causes problems. Banking laws have been put in place to prevent dispensaries from making cash deposits at the bank, therefore, having massive amounts of cash on hand is a well-known issue. Moreover, cannabis has a high street value, creating a double-whammy threat. These are common challenges of dispensary ownership, and through her search for a solution Kirsten came across Rolland.

Originally, Kirsten was using a standard gun safe as her only means of dispensary security, primarily as a means to store all of her valuable assets and cash. In her own words, she said, “I did start off with a gun safe. Every time I looked at it, I worried. I knew it was an easy target. With a gun safe, a robber is able to be in and out within minutes.”

Overheating also became a major problem, as cannabis is very heat sensitive, and gun safes don’t provide adequate insulation to maintain a cool and dry environment to keep cannabis at the highest level of quality.

After expressing her security shortcomings, many extensive calls and emails were made to make sure that each of her individual needs were being considered, in order to find the best solution. She needed solutions for 3 unique problems, so we gave her 3 unique answers.

  1. A safe that could easily be transported around her store.
  2. A TL-30 rated safe that was especially theft resistant.
  3. A large, temperature controlled safe for excess product.

Soon after her safes had arrived, Kirsten contacted us about how much her new safes had improved her day-to-day business dealings. She praised our ability to find a unique, custom solution tailored specifically to her needs. She also applauded our professionalism in dealing with an industry that doesn’t always get the respect it deserves.

One of her statements read, “The tech bunker and DMS combined with the ESL Audit has been a perfect combination. It permits individualized access, provides additional security and gives me peace of mind when it comes to the security of my assets. You don’t have to worry about anything at night. You can leave some of your worries at the door.”

Testimonials like Kirsten’s are the reason Rolland went into business; to protect our client’s assets and provide peace of mind.


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