Dave McOmie: The Safecracking Guru is Back in Town October 4th-5th


Dave McOmie is well-known as one of the top safe technicians in the country. Learn the techniques and join us for one or both days of this 2-day class. Learn how to penetrate a safe with the least amount of damage in the least amount of time. Let’s take a look at what happened in November 2013:

November 2013, Rolland Safe & Lock hosted our annual Dave McComie Safecracking Class.  Safecracking enthusiasts from all over the nation traveled to Rolland’s headquarters in Dallas, TX to participate in a weekend of niche activities and training. 

There are two types of fisherman in this world: the ones that keep their secret spots and lures to themselves and those that are eager to discuss with other enthusiast.  The attendees of this class were certainly the latter.  As they piled into Rolland, along with them came a vast array of tools and electronics of their trade.  They were eager to swap stories, just as many fishermen, and just as eager to swap tools and give other safecrackers insight into the knowledge they had.

There were a little over 30 safecrackers in attendance to the training class.  Many of the safecrackers have been practicing their trade for their entire life.  Rolland has a strong network of safe enthusiasts and we love to put these classes together because it expands our network and increases the skill within it.  It is important to have the best technicians to service your safe because time and precision is the key.  Literally.

Now it’s time for us to see what this year will bring for Rolland.



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