Secure All the Eggs in Your Basket


As we get ready for Easter weekend and possibly hiding eggs for the family Easter egg hunt, we better make sure our business is secure and especially that our money is hidden safe and secure.  Holiday weekends are also a target period for criminal attacks.  Businesses may be closed for an extended period of time during holiday weekends.  Upper-level leadership may be absent to spend time with family.  And the criminal might be just a little extra aggravated that there are less eggs in their basket.  Here are some tips on how to properly hide your money.

  • Treat your cash like trash
    • Isolate it
    • Limit the touch of it
    • Get it out when it reaches a limit
  • Use a drop safe for large cash deposits during business hours
    • Secure that drop safe with a time delay lock
  • Do not keep money on site overnight unless it is in a TL rated safe.

Happy Easter from Rolland.  Secure all the eggs in your basket.


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