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The daily challenge for a facilities manager is all about efficiency. “How can my facility operate more efficiently,” “how can my processes become more efficient,” these are the questions facilities managers frequently pose to themselves. At Rolland, we aid facilities manager by not only providing industry-best products, but by also providing top-tier service along with them. By taking things off the plate of facilities managers, we help their efficiency, which in turn saves their business money.

A real life example of this would be when we consulted with Michael (name changed for security purposes), a facilities manager in the Houston area. There are certain base-level questions we always start with when it comes to facilities managers, and Michael was no exception. We began by discussing how many locations he was managing, and what his monthly spend is on physical security. Additionally, we follow up those questions with questions regarding the various security-related emergencies that occur during an average week, and how much useful time that takes away from progress. The second question varies more from business to business, but the answer is nearly always along the lines of “It takes more time than it should.”

After a base-level of understanding was established, we worked with Michael to understand the specifics of his current various warranties, who is servicing his business’ equipment, and how his data is currently being collected. After we’ve learned all of this, and come to conclusions about to simplify processes, we provided Michael with various product updates/replacements, and then consolidated his warranty system.

Lastly, we learned everything we could about the everyday procedures of Michael’s Houston-area business, and established a system of closed-loop data reporting, that further simplified things.

All of these consultative efforts helped Michael save money to the tune of 37%, when compared to how much he was spending on security before Rolland. In fact, it’s very rare that a consultative client has a savings of less than 30%. At Rolland, our approach to security is proactive, rather than reactive. By working directly with businesses, we transform security and loss prevention from an expense, to a money-saver.


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