For franchise owners, especially first-time franchise owners, the stress caused by the amount of things that must be balanced can be overwhelming. This was certainly the case when Diane (name changed for security purposes) came to us with her security concerns.

Diane was dipping her toe in the water for the first time with owning a fast-casual franchise, and she came to Rolland to take the burden of security off her plate. Diane had the basic problem of control over her cash & inventory. Recently, two bank deposits went “missing,” and she had an armed robbery. She also noticed that some of her food inventory was disappearing. What she didn’t know was what equipment and services she needed to fill those holes.

Rolland consulted with Diane directly, understood her needs intimately, and had full grasp how conservative her budget was (which is commonplace with franchisees). Taking into consideration that Diane is essentially working around the clock to get her business up and running, we set out to provide her with a custom solution that was right the first time. We aren’t here to waste anyone’s time or money.

Working through her needs in order, we provided access control for her office and back doors with our Rolland alarm can only be paused – never disabled. We also provided door locks and a shrink-killing cash management machine that closely tracks & reports on all cash handled. Following this, we provided two different varieties of safe. One designed to handle all of the excess on-hand cash, and one to hold each and every sensitive business document around. We briefed her and her team on each and every product we provided, and made sure she understood what our service guarantee truly means. We’re her outsourced security team, and she can lean on us at all times.

In her own words, she said, “I don’t know how I would’ve gotten going without Rolland. Their expertise and customer service put me in a position to succeed without having to give security a second thought. Anyone looking to open a new business shouldn’t hesitate to reach to them for a consultation.”

At Rolland, we’re in the peace of mind business. That means it’s our job to worry about security, and when we’re working for you, you shouldn’t have to think about security concerns often. Our centuries of security have given us the knowledge and experience to take on the burden of security for you & your business.


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