Inspired Service Award – Guy Zimmerer


This week’s Inspired Service Award goes to Guy Zimmerer in accounting.  Guy took it upon himself to clean up an organizational mess that was slowing his team down.  Guy dedicated himself two months ago to clean up some files that really needed attention.  Because of this, his team is able to better serve the customer.

When asked what inspires him, Guy, an intricate man of few words replies, “success.”  On further elaboration, Guy views Rolland as a team with an important mission.  After all, our mission statement is defeating the criminal.  If we are unsuccessful in that mission, who is successful?  The criminal.  Guy was not going to let that happen on his watch.  In the war on crime, Guy played his part by going the extra mile to ensure success for Rolland and our customers.

The personal accountability of Guy is what drives Rolland to success.  A teammate picking up the ball and running with it.  And success of our team looks like better security service for our customer.


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