Inspired Service Award – Bill and Scott


Rolland is starting a new tradition based on old principle in 2014.  Our company was founded on the principal of delivering security with inspired service.  Our team members embody that principal and enact it on a daily basis.  Rolland is proud to start the tradition of the weekly Inspired Service Award.

The first recipients of the award for 2014 are Bill Williams and Scott Prosek.  Bill and Scott received this award for their dedicated service to the customer.  A lot goes into the process of putting a safe in your business.  Many of these units weigh in the tons.  It takes specially trained teams to install a high security safe.  Bill and Scott are industry experts when it comes to safe installations.  Know-how and strength is not the only thing these gentlemen bring to the customer.  Bill and Scott, and the rest of the Rolland team bring professionalism and an inspired attitude.  Rolland is proud of Bill and Scott’s service and the inspiration they bring to our team is priceless.


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