ISA- Lee Irwin


When our clients need help, they call Rolland, knowing that they’ll be greeted by a team devoted to delivering security with inspired service. But client satisfaction to the standard Rolland holds today would not be possible without people like Lee Irwin on our team.

Winner of this weeks Inspired Service Award, Lee has a reputation for being ready and proactive. He’s first to pick up the phone, and is happy to jump on the toughest cases for our clients.

Over the past few weeks, Lee has done more than just help current clients with today’s needs. He has been training Victor, who will soon be just as ready and able as Lee to take on challenges and deliver client satisfaction.

Great job, Lee, for supporting Rolland’s today, and building its tomorrow.


24 hours a day, every day of the year, you can reach Rolland Service to talk to a real person who can solve real problems.

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