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When we serve Loss Prevention Directors, it typically means that we’re talking about the head of security at a business with substantial locations and/or assets. Compared to a franchisee or a small business owner, the issues and pain points are similar, but must be addressed on a more vast scale. Pain points include internal & external theft, break-ins, shrink, etc. Another key difference when handling loss prevention is that an LP Director is generally quite tenured, meaning they come to us with specific goals, pain points, and prices in mind.

To use a real life example, we’ll talk about Ken (named altered for security purposes), who is the Loss Prevention Director for a retailer with around 150 locations total. He was very clear with his goals and pain points. Late night break-ins and internal theft were on the rise, and he wanted to see a clear savings year-over-year in security costs. Through consultation, Rolland came to the table with an estimated expected ROI, and a game plan that could implemented across the board at all locations.

Upon further inspection, our techs came to the conclusion that Ken’s company’s safes were outdated, and their cash and confidential assets were not as secure as we’d like. To start, we decided on the Rolland Fortress TL 30 V8 as the backbone of internal security. This safe is the perfect combination of lightweight & affordable, while still being quite robust. It’s truly a safe that loss prevention can rely on. From there, we accompanied the Fortress with the Rolland Eurovault Deposit Safe. This first-of-its-kind deposit safe combines the ease of use that comes with simple deposit safes, and the security heft that larger safes offer. It allows multiple users to interface with the safe as individuals with different access levels, and ensures that the Fortress will be opened at seldom as possible. With these two safes working together, internal theft was dealt with handedly, so we moved on to considering the external theft which was primarily due to late-night break ins.

Business access points are tricky. You have to allow access to some and deny it to others, and you essentially have to be perfect at it at all times. This is where the exclusive Rolland Exit Alarm comes into play. Our exit alarm effectively addresses the paradox of business access points by constantly monitoring them. The key aspect of our alarm, as we articulated it to Ken, was the fact that it’s always armed by default. It utilizes a time delay when necessary, and can only be disarmed by those with an access key. With our system, we completely removed the guesswork from all of Ken’s locations, and made external theft from late-night break ins a thing of the past.

In the end, we exceeded Ken’s ROI goals by a healthy margin, and showed tremendous value to each and every one of his company’s retail locations. By moving past products, our customer service team provided the insurance that Ken desired in a security partner. With Rolland, he knew that if an issue ever arose, he could contact his Rolland account manager, and have the issue dealt with promptly and correctly. This is the true value that Rolland can provide to any Loss Prevention Director, and their company.


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