Oxytocin- The Moral Molecule


Oxytocin is an ancient molecule in the brain that controls a human beings empathy.  Empathy being an emotional understanding of another.  Not to be confused with sympathy.  When this molecule is released in our brain we feel empathy for others and make decisions accordingly.  Oxytocin has been nicknamed the “moral molecule.”

Just like any other molecule in our body, some people can experience deficiencies.  When someone does not have oxytocin flowing to their neural receptors they do not recognize anything but themselves.  They do not see the consequences their actions have on others.  They are more likely to commit a selfish act.  Whether it is stealing from the company cash register when the boss is on lunch, or robbing a store at gunpoint.

A study done by Psychology Today concluded that 95% of people have healthy doses of oxytocin, the “moral molecule,” in their brain.  It is the 5% that we must account for.


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