Pawnbrokers Gather at the NPA Convention in Las Vegas


To a law abiding citizens, criminals can appear sporadic and unpredictable. However, once we realize that criminal behavior is quite systematic – and once we admit that the criminal lives in each one of us- only then will we be better equipped to build systems that reduce the opportunity for criminal behavior.
Pawnbrokers from all over the United States will gather in Las Vegas this week for the National Pawnbroker’s Association annual convention and tradeshow. Rolland has been involved in the Pawn industry for decades which eventually led to the innovation of the PawnSystem – a state of the art asset management and security system encased in a TL30 safe.
Rolland endeavors to interact and improve the Pawn industry. Rolland has studied and analyzed criminal behavior for over 100 years. This year at NPA Rick Rolland will be delivering a presentation to the Pawnbrokers on understanding criminal behavior.


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