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Each business is different, and has slightly different needs, so we consult directly with small business owners to understand their painpoints implicitly.

When Robert (named altered for security purposes) contacted Rolland, he was reconsidering his local jewelry store’s security measures for the first time in decades due to a recent break-in through the back door. His store was destroyed and his inventory was significantly depleted. He almost lost his business. He was convinced that a simple deadbolt was no longer enough security, even in a quiet East Texas community.

First considering the nature of his break-in, access control was a key painpoint, we started by supplying Robert with a heavy-duty, N-Series deadbolt, in conjunction with a new keyless-entry system. Having brought access control up to speed, we had to address the outdated cash safe being used in his store, which was stuffed to the brim as safe size hadn’t increased proportionately with Robert’s business success. To accommodate this need, we recommended a Rolland TL-30 V8. The size and strength of this safe provided the necessary security, and allowed extra space for continued growth.

Robert’s back door was pried open during the burglary with a crowbar. In response to that, Rolland installed a back door alarm specifically designed to counter a professional back door attack.

In the end, Robert’s overhauled security not only provided him with a new sense of protection, but also reduced shrink, and made his employees feel more secure as well. As Rolland, we’re not only in the security business, we’re in the peace of mind business. The best products are only part of the job, it also requires to expertise to implement them correctly, and that’s exactly what you get with Rolland.


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