Strong, Light and Customizable UL Rated Vault.


How can I store all my merchandise and valuable items if there is no space in my safe?

How will my merchandise survive the dangers of the night?

If there is a dangerous situation at my place of business, where can my employees and I stay safe?

Each question has the same solution – a Rolland Fiberglass Vault. Rolland custom builds ballistic vaults to fight against bullets, forced entry and fragments from explosions. We are the only company in Mexico that builds vaults certified by the internationally recognized organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Unlike concrete vaults, Rolland vaults are available in various sizes and its panels are easy to install with common tools. Our vaults have been installed in homes, businesses, government agencies, military and many others. One of our clients, a well-known pawnshop in Mexico, decided to invest a Rolland Fiberglass Vault for the safety of their merchandise and business.




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