Top 5 back to school safety tips.


It is school time! And we would like to dedicate this blog to our little ones. These proven tips can help protect your children from the numerous school-related harms.

  1. Tell your child to stay Alert and avoid listening to music, texting or playing video games while walking to the Bus stop. Stay away from the street, obey all traffic signals, signs and traffic officers.
  2. Remind your children that on the Bus, they must stay seated at all times. Make sure they keep their hands, face and any papers inside the bus.
  3. When the bus arrives, stay 12 giant steps away from the front of the bus to ensure the driver can see you at all times and wait for it to come to a complete stop before you approach. It is important to do this when you are exiting the bus too.
  4. Give your child some tactics to handle bullies. They should not tolerate a bully’s demands. Tell them to simply walk away or tell the bully to stop. If this continues, talk to the teacher.
  5. Be sure that your child knows his or her phone number, address, parents work number, the number of another family member and how to call 911 for emergencies.



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