What stops an AK47 and is easy to install?


Did you know that before implementation of steel, banks and other institutions protected their fortunes and luxury items in Reinforced Rooms?  These offered some protection but not like concrete and steel. As the metal industry innovated and used steel, vaults spread all around the world, giving banks, businesses, casinos, schools and military buildings a perfect place to store their valuable property and dangerous objects.  Modern vault walls are incredibly thick (15 inches or more) and are covered with reinforced concrete and can adapt the most complicated locking mechanisms known to mankind. Nowadays Rolland is transforming the vault industry in Mexico by installing fiberglass ballistic modular panels in rooms to serve as vaults.  These panels are UL rated and stop bullets from even an AK 47.  They are easy to install, have different size options, are not as heavy as concrete and can be cut on site.   Here is a photo of how Rolland installed these ballistic panels for a major luxury industry client to protect their most valuable jewelry and watches.

Who would have thought many years ago that we were going to be able to build such a strong vault with such easy implementation and light material?

1 vault  3 vault






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